Prewar opinions (Jan 19, 2003).

Critique of Tony Blair's letter to Labour Party Members (March 26, 2003).

Postwar notes (8 June 2003).

More postwar notes (1 Aug 2005).

Italian TV video (in English) documenting chemical weapon atrocities and other crimes against humanity by the US in Fallujah. This very powerful video contains evidence recorded by US soldiers on the use of white phosphorus bombs. Some of the images are disturbing. At last - here are the weapons of mass destruction!

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Note: The Iraq Body Count figures are a large underestimate as they only compile reported deaths. The best available estimate of deaths is the result of a very careful study (performed using standard statistical methods, as used in epidemiological studies) and published in the The Lancet (download the article here). The article concludes that the number of deaths caused by the invasion and associated violence is around 100000 and could be much larger than this (the 95% confidence limits are between 8000 and 194000). The study deliberately excluded Fallujah where the death rate was certainly far higher.

See the UK-wide University Staff Declaration Against the Occupation of Iraq, which I am helping organize.

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