Malcolm Levitt's Music

2018: Sidelines

More original tracks composed by Malcolm Levitt with Burglars of the Heart:

Bandcamp site for Malcolm Levitt

Hold Me Now


White Arc


2008: Burglars of the Heart.

<a href="">Slow Burn by Burglars of the Heart</a>

2008: Free improvisations with Peter Wilkinson and Steve Michell

2006: Electric guitar in The Bagatelles.

2005: Electric guitar in the free improvisatory group "The Ether Drag of Restless Minds". Sounds and details here. The background music to this page is from this group. Mac users: If you can't hear it, download Perian.

2004: Electric guitar in a electric jazz/improvisation group with Peter Wilkinson and Louis Makiello. Sounds and details here.

1990: Composed music for acoustic guitar and flute, called Seven Stones:

<a href="">Country Parable by Seven Stones</a>

1978-1981: Electric guitar in the Oxford prog-rock group Level F. Listen here.

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