Level F

Level F was an Oxford student band playing complicated instrumental (jazz-)rock, often in strange time signatures. We played together a lot between around 1977 and 1981. We hardly ever performed in public, but we did record one studio session (called Stitch in Time).

Level F consisted of Mark Pilkington (percussion), Simon Thorpe (bass), Malcolm Levitt (guitar) and Phil Bastow (keyboards). The earliest version of Level F had Marc Sheffner on keyboards, and we played a lot of Focus covers, but no recordings of this seem to exist any more.

BandCamp site with tracks

The recording quality is not up to modern standards and some tracks suffer from an excessive use of reverb applied by an over-zealous sound engineer. There are also some interesting "pre-echoes" caused by transfer of magnetization between adjacent windings of the tape spool over several years. Apologies!

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