Level F

Level F was an Oxford student band playing complicated instrumental (jazz-)rock, often in strange time signatures. We played together a lot between around 1977 and 1981. We hardly ever performed in public, but we did record one studio session (called Stitch in Time).

Level F consisted of Mark Pilkington (percussion), Simon Thorpe (bass), Malcolm Levitt (guitar) and Phil Bastow (keyboards). The earliest version of Level F had Marc Sheffner on keyboards, and we played a lot of Focus covers, but no recordings of this seem to exist any more.

Tracks (mp3)

Mac users: If you can't hear the mp3's, download Perian.

The recording quality is not up to modern standards and some tracks suffer from an excessive use of reverb applied by an over-zealous sound engineer. There are also some interesting "pre-echoes" caused by transfer of magnetization between adjacent windings of the tape spool over several years. Apologies!

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