picture by James Vella

The Ether Drag of Restless Minds


Peter Wilkinson (bass, small instruments), Malcolm Levitt (electric guitar and effects boxes), James Vella (drums, guitar, small instruments).

Free improvisation using electric and acoustic instruments.

This group changed style and format when Peter started writing songs in a jazz-folk style. This led to the Bagatelles and then to Burglars of the Heart.

James also makes electronic music under the name A Lily and plays guitar in the group Yndi Halda.

Some mp3 files (titles are provisional)

Mac users: If you can't hear the mp3's, download Perian.

  1. Track 2.3 another time - another place (mp3)
  2. Track 2.2 uncharted territory (mp3)
  3. Track 3.3 slow burn (mp3)

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