Spin Dynamics. Basics of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance

Second edition


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Plate A and C the graphics have been interchanged (early printings only) 2-may-08 Malcolm Levitt
Plate A the spin-1/2 isotope of iron is 57Fe, not 52Fe 9-may-11 Olaf Dietrich
Plate C The isotope 43Ca is missing: Spin 7/2, stable isotope, isotopic abundance: 0.14 % 21-feb-13 Olaf Dietrich
Plates A to C Several unstable and radioactive isotopes are not indicated as such. Details here. 21-feb-13 Olaf Dietrich
1 "cement" is mentioned twice 24-aug-08 Oleg Antzutkin
7 It is stated several times that the "azimuthal quantum number" is a synonym for the "magnetic quantum number". This is not correct. The "azimuthal quantum number" is actually a synonym of the "angular momentum quantum number". "Azimuthal" should be replaced by "magnetic" in three places. 12-nov-15 Luther Wang
8 Half-way down the page, the reference to note 2 should point to note 3. 2-feb-09 Steven Brown
10 There are two references to note 4 which should point to note 5. 2-feb-09 Steven Brown
11 The proton and neutron mass values in table 1.1 are both too large by a factor of 10. The powers of 10 should be -27, instead of -26. For accurate values, see for example pdg.lbl.gov 08-june-10 Jiri Bocan
14 A reference to note 6 should point to note 7. 2-feb-09 Steven Brown
16 and following The term isotopomer should be replaced by isotopologue throughout the book. Isotopologue is the more general term, referring to any isotopic substitution of a nucleus in a molecule. Strictly speaking, isotopologues are only isotopomers if the overall numbers of all isotopes are the same. For example, 13CH312CH2OH and 12CH313CH2OH are isotopomers (and also isotopologues), while 13CH312CH2OH and 12CH312CH2OH are isotopologues (but not isotopomers). 27-sep-09 Michael Tayler
35 In figure 2.22, the sign of the Mx component should be inverted 10-dec-12 Eddy Dib
43 After Table 3.1, the text should state that the probability of a Si nucleus having mass number 28 is around 0.922. 07-may-12 Benjamin Walker
44 After figure 3.10, "the proton peak.. mainly from isotopomers I and IV" should read "the proton peak.. mainly from isotopomer I". 21-dec-09 Olaf Dietrich
49 The projection of the bottle in Fig.3.20 corresponds to a magnetic field gradient with a linear variation in field intensity from left to right, rather than top to bottom, as stated. 03-feb-14 Tim Rehm
50 The projection of the ring in Fig.3.22 and 3.23 is inaccurate. An accurate calculation is given here. 28-nov-13 Tran Pham
52 For all three figures 3.26, 3.27 and 3.28, the unit "Hz" has been omitted from the frequency scale. 21-dec-09 Olaf Dietrich
53 The unit "Hz" has been omitted from the frequency scale of figure 3.29 21-dec-09 Olaf Dietrich
58 The unit "Hz" has been omitted from the frequency scale of figure 3.36. The frequency symbol on the axis should be upper case Ω. 21-dec-09 Olaf Dietrich
61 the exercise listed as 3.2 is actually a subtext to exercise 3.1. Exercise 3.3 is actually 3.2, and 3.4 is actually 3.3. 29-july-08 Pete Mustonen
65 the word "distribution" has been mistyped 21-dec-09 Olaf Dietrich
91 The gradient pulses should not overlap the signal detection in Figure 5.9. In addition, the Gaussian shape of the gradient pulses is unusual. Gradient pulses usually have a sine-bell or rectangular shape. 06-nov-11 Ralph Adams
99 Replace ω by Ω in the left-hand side of Equation 5.18. 25-jul-11 Danny Mitchell
99 The caption to Figure 5.21 should read "An NMR spectrum with two components. This is the Fourier transform of the signal in Figure 5.15." 3-nov-08 David Bryce
100 The caption to Figure 5.22 should read "An NMR spectrum with four components. This is the Fourier transform of the signal in Figure 5.16." 3-nov-08 David Bryce
104 The line above Figure 5.30 should read "A five-peak spectrum.." 3-nov-08 David Bryce
107 The unit "kHz" has been omitted from both frequency scales of figure 5.34. 21-dec-09 Olaf Dietrich
108 The third line from the end should refer to Equation 5.25, not Equation 5.35. 3-nov-08 David Bryce
117 incorrect graphics for exercise 5.1. Pick up replacement graphics here. 28-may-08 Rishi Mukhopadhyay
134 The line above Eq.6.25 states that a square matrix may always be written in the diagonalized form. This is incorrect. Some square matrices cannot be diagonalized. 25-sep-09 Rick Spencer
141 Note #2 should be corrected to "An operator is 'small' if both its trace, and the largest difference between its eigenvalues, are much less than 1". 11-nov-13 Tran Pham
146 In the last equation on the page, the term L2 is missing from the denominator. 21-dec-09 Olaf Dietrich
175 In the line after Eq.8.7, the reference should be to Appendix A.7. 2-feb-09 Steven Brown
184 "molecule" is misspelt in Figure 8.18. 20-june-08 Jeff Reimer
195 The "flow of electrons" arrows point in the wrong direction. The arrows show the flow of positive current - the negatively charged electrons move in the opposite sense. 3-june-09 David Siminovitch
200 In the caption to figure 9.5, the author should be T. Vosegaard. 2-feb-09 Steven Brown
201 The terms Rj(Θ) and Rj(Θ)-1 should be exchanged in Eq.9.8 and the following two equations. 15-dec-13

Dan Gochberg/ Malcolm Levitt

207 The electric quadrupole moments are provided in units of 10-30 m2, not 10-28 m2 as stated. 03-feb-11 Olivier Lafon
212 In the line after equation 9.32, the units of the gyromagnetic ratios are rad s-1 T-1, not rad s-1. 15-feb-09 Jan Rainey
221 error in figure 9.29 (bottom-right panel). Pick up replacement graphic here. 02-feb-09 Steven Brown
226 9.1(i) is not a question. The following subquestions are mis-numbered accordingly. 29-july-08 Pete Mustonen
226 The Vaara paper under further reading should have pages 233-304 11-aug-08 Pete Mustonen
227 Exercise 9.3 is not a question but is part of 9.2. 29-july-08 Pete Mustonen
233 At the beginning of the last paragraph, replace "the energies of the states" by "the energies of the states, in units of hbar". 21-dec-09 Olaf Dietrich
242 Replace ez by ex in the second line of the equation below Fig.10.16. 06-aug-09 Jeremy Semeiks
260 the central two coefficients are exchanged in the last row of Eq.11.2. 29-july-08 Pete Mustonen
260 In the last part of the page, the discussion of the "most likely outcome" is not strictly correct. The expectation value describes the average outcome for many observations, which is not the same as the most likely one. The two results converge when a large number of ensemble members is considered, so the final conclusion remains correct. 21-dec-09 Olaf Dietrich
277 In Equation 11.31, t should be τ. 20-nov-13 Tran Pham
279 the last line of Eq.11.35 should have Iy on the right-hand side, not Ix 11-aug-08 Pete Mustonen
282 In the first equation on the page, t should be τ. 20-nov-13 Tran Pham
291 In line 3, the real part of the spectrum induced by a (π/2)_{ybar}pulse should be positive dispersion. 23-jul-10 Jiri Bocan
298 In the middle of the page, "log" should be replaced by "ln", i.e. the natural log. 11-feb-09 Nick Anthis
311 The projection of the ring in Fig.12.32 is inaccurate. An accurate calculation is given here. 28-nov-13 Tran Pham
312 The projection of the fragmented ring in Fig.12.33 is inaccurate. An accurate projection is given in the lower part of the graphic here. 28-feb-16 Tran Pham, Gaspard Huber
312 garbled graphic for Fig.12.35. Pick up replacement here. 11-aug-08 Pete Mustonen
313 text between Eqs. 12.8 and 12.9 should read: "..the magnetic field gradient is along the y-axis.." 11-aug-08 Pete Mustonen
320 The signs of the quadrupolar terms should be reversed in Fig.13.1 15-dec-13 Tran Pham
322 The complex conjugates in numerous terms in the second and third equations should apply to the second term in each product, for example c1*c-1 should be c1 c-1*. 12 corrections are needed. 11-dec-13 Tran Pham
322 The labels of the two double-quantum coherences should be exchanged in figure 13.3. 21-dec-09 Olaf Dietrich
323 The complex conjugates in Eqs.13.8, 13.9 and 13.10 should apply to the second term in each product, for example c1*c-1 should be c1 c-1*. 6 corrections are needed. 11-dec-13 Tran Pham
330 Exchange the black and grey arrows in Fig.13.11 04-jan-14 Tran Pham
336 In the last line, "spin-1" should be changed to "spin-3/2". 21-dec-09 Olaf Dietrich
343 The equation before 13.42 should have a factor of (1/2) before the parenthesis 11-aug-08 Pete Mustonen
346 Equation 13.48 should have a factor of (35/12) in front of the unit operator, not (7/4) 11-aug-08 Pete Mustonen
346 the right-hand side of equation 13.49 should be multiplied by 3. The following sentence should read "Note the factor of (3/10) in the right-hand side of Equation 13.49". 11-aug-08, 17-feb-09 & 23-jul-10 Pete Mustonen & Tran Pham
347 the pattern of level shifts in Figure 13.26 is inconsistent with the text. Replacement here. 11-aug-08 Pete Mustonen
347 replace "two (+2)-quantum coherences" by "two (+4)-quantum coherences". 23-jul-10 Jiri Bocan
349 The attribution to Figure 13.28 should read V. Lemaître. 23-jul-10 Jiri Bocan
358 In the last line of equation 14.5, the term in the parenthesis should be (I1+I2- + I1-I2+) 11-jan-09 Paul Guerry
359 Remove the prefactor 1/2 before the matrix. 04-jan-14 Tran Pham
361 Exchange |T+1> and |T-1> in Figures 14.3 and 14.4. 04-jan-14 Tran Pham
362 Exchange |T+1> and |T-1> in Figure 14.5. The coherence assignments are consistent with a negative sign for d12, as in Figure 14.3. 04-jan-14 Tran Pham
366 The assignments of coherences to peaks in Figure 14.9 are consistent with Ω20 > Ω10, which is the opposite convention to that assumed in Chapter 15. 04-jan-14 Tran Pham
375 Remove "(15.6)" from the marginal caption to the figure. 23-jul-10 Jiri Bocan
381 In figure 15.12, the right-hand x-axis label should read Ω20. 23-jul-10 Jiri Bocan
381 The caption of figure 15.12 should read "for γ<0 and J12>0". 21-dec-09 Olaf Dietrich
385 In Fig.15.17, replace (α-) by (-α), and (β-) by (-β). 06-jan-14 Tran Pham
386 In Fig.15.18, replace (α-) by (-α), and (β-) by (-β). 06-jan-14 Tran Pham
389 Replace "1Q" by "single-quantum". 23-jul-10 Jiri Bocan
392 In the last matrix on p392, the first term in the last row should be -s2e+2 26-oct-11 Ungsik Yu
393 In the last matrix on p393, all terms in the last row should have the opposite sign. 17-feb-09 Pete Mustonen
397 In the first equation of section 15.9, replace ρ1 by ρ2. 23-jul-10 Jiri Bocan
412 In figures 16.8 and 16.9, the pulse should have a subscript "x", not "y". 17-aug-10 Jiri Bocan
413 In figures 16.10, the first pulse should have a subscript "x", not "y". 17-aug-10 Jiri Bocan
414 In the first equation, the first pulse should have a subscript "x", not "y". 17-aug-10 Jiri Bocan
414 Three lines from the end, replace "in the plot above" by "in Figure 16.12". 17-feb-09 Pete Mustonen
468 6 lines above the end of the page: m2(2) should be replaced by m1(2) in two places. 17-aug-10 Jiri Bocan
470 The density matrix element at (row3, column 8) should be indexed (+β+), not (αβ+). 20-mar-09 Richard Green
471 The density matrix element discussed in the first paragraph in section 18.5.2 should be indexed (-+-), not (+-+). This occurs twice. 30-mar-11 Steven Morgan
475 In the first equation on the page, replace -αα by -αβ 17-aug-10 Jiri Bocan
476 In the first line below Figure 18.8, the coupling specification should be J23=10 Hz and J13=0. 17-aug-10 Jiri Bocan
524 In line 3, insert a hyphen in "S-spin". 17-aug-10 Jiri Bocan
528 The simulated spectra in Fig.19.29 are not accurate for 13C2-glycine, since they do not include the effects of dipole-dipole coupling between the two 13C nuclei. The simulated spectra actually correspond to a superposition of spectra from 1-13C-glycine and 2-13C-glycine. 24-aug-08 Oleg Antzutkin
540 The second equation on the page should be 15-feb-09 Pierre Thureau
541 Note 2 should refer to equation 9.31, not equation 9.3. 17-aug-10 Marij van Gorkom
555 The x-axis labels should read ω/2π. 03-sep-13 Kaz Nagashima
556 In the caption to figure 20.20, replace "long" by "short". 17-aug-10 Jiri Bocan
565 Equation 20.22 for T2-1; is correct only if the spins under consideration are of the same isotopic type and have identical chemical shifts. If the spins have resolved chemically shifts, the correct expression for T2-1 is given instead by eq.20.39 (the auto-relaxation rate constant in ROESY). 02-feb-21 Gottfried Otting
567 The left-most label in figure 20.35 should read 12-nov-09 Jörn Schmedt auf der Günne
576 Kurt Wüthrich was awarded the 2002 Nobel prize, not the 1992 prize 2-may-08 Slobodan Macura
581 In the last line of the last equation on the page, Ω20 should be replaced by Ω10 27-aug-10 Marij van Gorkom
595 In "further reading", the fourth bullet point should refer to J. McConnell, "The theory of nuclear magnetic relaxation in liquids." (Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 1987). 03-sep-13 Kaz Nagashima
603 In the last equation on the page, the left hand side should be RjZx(Θ) not RjzX(Θ) 15-dec-13

Dan Gochberg/ Malcolm Levitt

609 In figure A.5, the "s" symbols should be lower case, and the receiver phase shift should have the superscript "rf". 17-aug-10 Jiri Bocan
614 The last line of the equation before (A.25) should read VZZ=eq 31-mar-09 David Bennett
623 In the last symbol of equation A.37, the subscripts 3 and 4 should be replaced by 1 & 3. 17-aug-10 Jiri Bocan
642 In the last line of the equation before (A.77), φA should be replaced by φB 04-may-10 Giulia Mollica
648 The column headings of Table A.1 should be φ1, φ2, φ3, φ4 instead of φA, φB, φC, φD. See equation A.81 for the relationship between the phases of the blocks and those of the individual pulses. 09-oct-12 Ibraheem Haies
651 Remove a word "the" in the line below figure A.33. 17-aug-10 Jiri Bocan
In the equations for d1 and d2, the Ω¯\overline{\Omega}  terms should be iΩ¯i\overline{\Omega}
Fréderic Perras
682 incorrect graphics for the answer to exercise 2.1. Pick up replacement graphics here. 28-may-08 Malcolm Levitt
682 the answers to Chapter 3 do not match the numbering. See erratum for page 61. 29-july-08 Pete Mustonen
687 the answers to 8(iv) and 8(v) should be 11.581 T and 2.159 kHz respectively. 29-july-08 Pete Mustonen
687 the answers to Chapter 9 do not match the numbering. See erratum for page 226. 29-july-08 Pete Mustonen
687 the answer to 9(iv) is the value of d13, not d12. See erratum for page 227. 29-july-08 Pete Mustonen
688 the answer to 12.2(ii) should be -γΔB(x0/v + τ). The answer to 12.2(iii) should be +γΔBx0/v. 03-feb-11 Johannes Björnerås
688 the factors i*sqrt{2} in the two right-hand sides of Equation (4) should both be 1/(i*sqrt{2}) 11-aug-08 Pete Mustonen
689 the factors C3S in the last column of the answer to exercise 15.1(ii) should both be CS3 17-feb-09 Pete Mustonen
696 the index item for "coherence, single-quantum" does not lead anywhere. 30-mar-11 Steven Morgan

Thanks to all spotters!

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