Excerpts from book reviews.

"This is a book that many of us who teach NMR spectroscopy will cherish.  Not only has the author displayed his deep insights and physical understanding of all the key NMR phenomena, he has done something which sets this book apart from all others before it; specifically, he has taken explicative diagrams to a new level of clarity and hence usefulness.  Therefore, I will finish as I began this reviewÉthis is an excellent book. I predict that it will become a "classic" among NMR spectroscopy texts." Philip Kuchel, Review for NMR in Biomedicine.

"Overall, for the right, highly targeted readership, this is an excellent textbook."
Andrew Todd-Pokropek, book review for the Times Higher Educational Supplement.

"LevittŐs Spin Dynamics is certainly ideal for graduate students, and not only for those committed to a specialized thesis in NMR. The book will also be much appreciated by hard-core spectroscopists. After many years during which Principles of NMR in One and Two Dimensions by Richard Ernst, Alexander Wokaun and the undersigned has been considered, rightly or wrongly, as un classique incontournable, it seems that finally time has come for Principles to retire on some remote shelf of the library. As far as I could see, there are few items contained in Principles that are not explained in a much clearer and authoritative fashion in LevittŐs Spin Dynamics."
Geoffrey Bodenhausen, Review for Chem. Phys. Chem.

"Overall this is an excellent book. The different readerships at which it is aimed will have to read selectively, but they will all find much of value, and will benefit from the clarity of the presentation". Anthony Harker, in Physical Sciences Educational Reviews, Vol.3, page 16-17.

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